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Jidai Matsuri ( Jidai Festival ) | Get in-depth Japan travel information from Japan's largest travel company, and the latest tips for travel in Tokyo, Kyoto,
Welcome to Kyoto - Jidai Matsuri ( Festival of the Ages) -
The festival of Jidai Matsuri brings in the picture of Tokyo's history and rich culture. The 'downtown' area all of a sudden becomes hugely populated and
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3 Nov 2009 The festival of historical eras ( jidai ) was first held in 1989 and this year it's celebrating its 21st anniversary.
Jidai Matsuri Kyoto :: Japan Visitor
3 Oct 2009 The Jidai Matsuri (時代祭り?) Festival of age is a traditional Jidai Matsuri (时代祭, Matsuri Jidai ? Festival of Ages) is one of three
Jidai Matsuri ( Festival of the Ages) - Japan National Tourism
27 Oct 2008 Every year on Oct. 22, the city of Kyoto celebrates its long history with the Jidai Matsuri — “ Festival of the Ages” — a long procession of
Jidaimatsuri Festival
Jidai -matsuri, or Festival of the Ages dates to 1895. The festival was started to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of transferring the capital to Kyoto.
Heian Jingu Shrine/ Festival of Ages
Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival Takato Town, Ina City, Nagano .... Hagi Jidai Festival Hagi City, Yamaguchi
Japan Atlas: Festivals
Jidai Matsuri ( Festival of the Ages). This is the annual festival of Heian - jinja Shrine. This event was started in 1895 in celebration of the 1100th year
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Read an article about Kyoto's Jidai Matsuri, or Festival of the Ages. An Imaginary Bird - Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Festival , Kyoto, Japan.
Jidai Festival
In 1940, the local government decided that on top of honouring Emperor Kammu, the Jidai festival was also to be held in honour of Emperor Kōmei (孝明天皇,
Mboogiedown: Japan: Jidai Matsuri
Combined with the historical atmosphere of the city of Kyoto, all of these things make the Jidai Matsuri ( Festival of Ages) a truly unique festival .
Tokyo Jidai Matsuri,Tokyo Festivals & Events in the Month of
Jidai Festival Date: 22 October This festival, falling within the Autumn sight- seeing season, was started in the 28th year of the Meiji era (1895),
Kyoto Jidai Matsuri - Guide to Jidai Festival in Kyoto
The Jidai Matsuri, known in English as the Festival of the Ages, is one of Kyoto's three great festivals, along with the Gion and Aoi Festivals.
Jidai Matsuri Kyoto, Japan Oct 22
Sakura Jidai Festival Early in May (In and around Shinmachi, Sakura). People disguised as armored warriors and princesses march in procession along the
Event :Tokyo Jidai Matsuri (Tokyo Jidai Festival )| TCVB - Tokyo
30 Oct 2005 The Jidai Matsuri, or Festival of Ages, is one of Kyoto's most famous Patrick Leong said... oh ... you were there for jidai festival ?


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